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 NAME: Mahmoud Sharepour

 ADDRESS: Department of Social Sciences

                                                            Faculty of Humanities

                                                            University of Mazandaran



 DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH 1966, Ghaemshahr-Iran

MARITAL STATUS: Married, one child

PRESENT POSITION: Professor in Sociology

E-MAIL: sharepour@yahoo.com


 1987: BA (University of Tehran, Sociology)

1991: MA (University of Tehran, Sociology)

1997: PhD (The Australian National University, Sociology)

2005-2006: Sabbatical leave: Center for Urban and Community Studies, University of TorontoCanada.


1991: An Evaluation of the Impact of the Improvement Projects in Rural Areas, MA Thesis,University of Tehran (supervisor: Dr. Azkia).

 1997: Assimilation and the Maintenance of Ethnic Identity: Iranian Children in Australia, Ph.D.Thesis, The Australian National University (supervisor: Dr. Saha).


 1989:  Iranian Postgraduate Award for Master Degree

 1993-1997: Research Scholarship, Iranian Ministry of Culture and Higher

                        Education (spent at The Australian National University)

 1997: Candidate for UNESCO AWARD for young Ph.ds(MOST: Management   of Social Transformation).

 1998:  Research grant, Ministry of Culture.

 1999: Research grant, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

 2000: Research grant, Institute of Sport and Physical Education.

 2001: Research grant, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

 2002: Research grant, Organization of Management and Planning, Mazandaran.

 2003: Research grant, Technical and Vocational Training Organization.

 2004:  Research grant, The World Bank

 2006: Research grant, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology

 2007: Research grant, Organization of Management and Planning, Mazandaran.

 2009: Research grant, Tehran Mayor office

 2012:  Research grant, University of Mazandaran



 Previous Appointment:

 1991-1993: Lecturer, Department of Sociology, Higher Institute of Sari (IRAN)

 Current Appointment:

 1997-2002: Assistant Professor, Department of Social Sciences, University of               MazandaranIran.

 2002-2011: Associate Professor, Department of Social Sciences, University of Mazandaran, Iran.

 2011-present: Professor, Department of Social Sciences, University of Mazandaran, Iran.



 1991-1993: Undergraduate Adviser, Department of Sociology, Sari.

 1997:  Member, University Research Committee, University of Mazandaran (UM).

 1997: Member, University Book and Publishing Committee, UM.

 1998-2002: Head, Department of Social Sciences, UM.

 1999-present: Member, University Promotions Committee, UM.

 1998-2002: Member, Board of the Faculty, UM.

 1997-1999: Member, Educational Research Council, Ministry of Education.

 1999-2000: Member, Research Committee, Ministry of Co-operation.

 2000-2002: Deputy for Research, Faculty of Humanities, UM.

 2003-present: Member, Research Committee of Iranian National Technical and Vocational Training Organization.


 1998: Program Planning Committee for the National Conference: “Civic Society: Sociological Perspectives”.

 1998: Executive Director, Annual Conference, The Iranian Sociological Association, Babolsar.

 1998-2004t: Member, Board of Directors, The Iranian Sociological Association.

 1999-2004: Treasurer of The Iranian Sociological Association.

 2000:  Organizer of Food Festival

 2001:  Organizer of Book Gift Festival

 2002: Chair of Scientific Committee of conference: University and Dialogue among Civilizations- UM and Ministry of Science.

 2006: Chair of Scientific Committee of conference: Social Problems

 2009: Chair of Scientific Committee of conference: Seaside- Opportunities and challenges

 2012:  Chair of Scientific Committee of conference: Lifestyle in modern society


 The Australian Sociological Association ( TASA )

 International Sociological Association ( ISA )

 The Iranian Sociological Association ( TISA )

 International Sociology of Sport Association ( ISSA )

 Association of Higher Education


Social Capital

 Urban sociology


 Youth studies

 Research Methods ( Survey research, Quantitative methods, LISREL ).


 Introduction to Sociology

 Social Psychology

 Methods of Social Research

 Sociology of Education

 Sociology of Youth

 Urban Sociology


 Sharepour, M. (2009), " Urban Sociology ", Tehran:Samt.

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 Sharepour, M. (2008), " Urban Sociology ", Tehran:Samt.


 Sharepour, M., Rahbari, L. & Rafatjaj, M. (in press), Gender and realization of women's right to the city in Tehran, Asian Journal of Social Science.

 Sharepour, M., Rahbari, L. (2014) Gender and right to the city: An empirical test of Levebre's theory in Tehran, Iranian Journal of Sociology.

 Sharepour, M., Riahi, M. & Arman, F. (2013), the influence of components of social capital on mental health, Iranian Journal of Social Problems.

 Sharepour, M. & Rezaeipasha, S. (2012) The impact of sport participation on social capital, Journal of Social Development.

Sharepour, M. (2011), Explaining Trust: Society-centered approach versus institutional-centered model, Culture and Society in the Middle East.

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 Sharepour, M. (2009), " The global trend in the measurement of social capital ", conference proceeding.

 Sharepour, M. (2009), " The characteristics of social networks among the veteran families ", conference proceeding.

 Sharepour, M. (2008), " New theoretical approach to study Thalassemia patients " conference proceeding.

 Sharepour, M. (2008), " Family social capital and youth delinquency ", Pazhoheshe Zanan,.

 Sharepour, M. (2008), " A study about social capital and social tolerance ", conference proceeding.

 Sharepour, M. (2007), " Quality indicators in higher education ", Journal of Higher Education.

 Sharepour, M. (2006), " The functions of students scientific associations ", Majale Motaleate Ejtemaei.

 Sharepour, M. (2006), " Urban spaces and social deviances ", conference proceeding.

 Sharepour, M. (2005), " Gender Role Stereotype among Iranian Adolescents ", The Journal of Social Psychology.

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 Sharepour, M. (1999), “ Political Socialization “ Iranian Quarterly “Farhange-Omomi”, No.20-21.

 Sharepour, M. (1998), “ Social Reproduction and Education “, Iranian Quarterly “Farhange-Omomi”, No.16-17.


 1999: The End of the Order, by Francis Fukuyama (1997), In Iranian Book Review and Information Journal, Vol.3, No.12.

 2000: Political/Cultural Identity, by P.W. Preston (1997), In National Studies Quarterly, Vol.1, No.4.


 Tohme, Georges (1992), “ Cultural Development and Environment “, Paris:UNESCO.

(Nominated as the best book translated in the country about environment)

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 Saunder, p. (2010), Social theory and urban question, Routledge Press.

 Jones, G. (2014) Youth, Polity Press.


 Since 1997 I have presented professional papers during the indicated years at conferences of the following associations and institutions:

 1997: University Of Mazandaran, Faculty of Humanities, Staff Seminar, title: New Directions in Sociology: Theory, Method and Fields.

 1998: Annual Conference of The Iranian Sociological Association, Paper presented entitled: “Social Psychology of Ethnic Relations”.

 2000: Annual Conference of The Iranian Sociological Association, Paper presented entitled: “The Erosion of Social Capital and its Consequences in Iran”.

 2000: Conference of “ Discourse of Iranian Migrants”, Paper presented entitled: “ Cultural and structural assimilation among ethnic groups“.

 2000: Conference of “ Development and Co-operatives”, Paper presented entitled: “ The role of social capital in collective behavior”.

 2002: World Congress of Sociology at Australia, paper presented entitled: " Educational and Occupational Aspirations of Iranian Youth ".

 2002: World Congress of Sociology at Australia, paper presented entitled:" University and development of core competency:.

 2002: Conference of Social Capital and Civil Society, paper presented entitled:  " Opportunities resulting from Social Networks ".

 2003: World Congress of Sociology of Sport in Germany, paper presented entitled:  " Gender and Sport Participation ".

 2004: Conference of " Roles of Vocational Training in the Changing World ", paper presented entitled: The Relationship between Vocational Training and Socio-economic Change in Some Selected Countries ".

 2004: Conference of " Adequate and Affordable Housing for All ", held in CanadaToronto, paper presented entitled: " Ageing and Housing Needs ".

 2006: World Congress of Sociology at South Africa, paper presented entitled:" Social capital in Iran: Evidence and implications ".

 2006: World Congress of Sociology at South Africa, paper presented entitled:" A sociological study of organization and dynamics of science ".

 2007: Interdisciplinary studies: The autobiography of Neil Smelser, University of Mazandaran.

 2007: The Death and Life of Great Cities, University of Mazandaran.

 2010: World Congress of Sociology at Sweden, paper presented entitled:" The role of vocational education in building social capital in Iran ".

 2011: Conference of Social Impact Assessment, Paper presented entitled: The social impacts of Alborz Dam.

 2012: Conference of City council, City and Development, Paper presented entitled: Football club and urban sustainable development.

 2013: Conference of Women, Architecture and City, Paper presented entitled: Gender and right to city in the Iranian context.

 2014: Conference of City and Everyday life, Paper presented entitled: Public space in modern cities.


 An Empirical Measurement of Social Capital (2003): A study of social capital among Iranian adolescents. Based on questionnaires and in-depth interviews, the social capital is measured at both within-group and between group levels. Funded by the Organization of Management and Planning.

 University Teachings and the Needs of Society (2003): A collaborative project which investigated the extent to which actual university teaching promotes the required skills to fulfill market demands. Funded by the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology.

 Research Performance among University Staff (2004): A project which examined to what extent socio-psychological factors explain research performance differences among university staff in Iran Funded by the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology.

 Supplementary Study for the Resettlement Plan in Alborz Dam Areas (2004): This study was conducted for World Bank and I was in charge of field works and data collection among affected rural communities. The final report was prepared and submitted by Dr.Shaditalab to World Bank.

 Sportswomen in the 2004 Olympic Games: An International Research Project on Media Coverage: The main objectives of the project are to conduct analyses which determine the amount of media coverage in terms of space, stories and images of female and male athletes during the 2004 Olympic Games. Team leaders are from Norway and New Zealand. National collaborators are from 15-20 countries worldwide.

 Social Assessment of Integrated Land and Water Management Project (2009): This study was funded by The World Bank in order to provide guidance for the project design as well as implementation of Dam construction in rural areas. The main objectives of the study were to ensure that the poor and other vulnerable groups living in the project areas will not be adversely affected. I was the principal researcher.

 People Attitudes toward Elderly and Nursing Home (2013): A study which sought to measure perceptions and attitudes' of Iranian people toward using nursing home and taking care of aged people.

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