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Curriculum Vitae


First Name:  Mehri

Surname    :  Bahar

Date and Place of Birth:  1962 Tehran ,Iran

Title:  Associate professor

E-mail: mbahar.ut.ac.ir

Address:|16 Alavi ,Second Tangestan,North Pasdaran


Tell: 09123875802


  Academic Background

 B. A.  in Arabic literature, graduated in 1983, from Alameh Tabatabai University

M. A.  in Linguistic and literature, graduated in 1993, from Goarge Town University, USA.

Ph. D. in culture studies, graduated in 2002, from Sorbon University, FRANCE

Major Specialties: Religious studies and mass media, and Cultural Changes in Iran.




  Educational Background and Teaching Specialties

 I have taught the following topics and courses in various educational centers, colleges, and universities since 2002 

-English courses in Alzahra University, Tehran

- Cultural changes in Iran in Tehran University, Tehran, undergraduate and graduate levels.

- Mass media and cultural consuming in Tehran University, Tehran, graduate

- Religion and mass media in Tehran University, undergraduate

-Critical studies, Kashan university, 2013, graduate

-Cultural sociology, Kashan university,2013, graduate



I have done many researches in various cultural ans sociological areas. Some of them are as follows.

1 - A Survey of the representation of Afghan in Iranian T.V, Tehran university, 2006

 2 - An Analysis of the entertainment of Afghan in Iran .Tehran university, 2005

 3 – The position of John Fiske in culture studies, 2010 ,Tehran University

 4-The comparision of two radios in representation of immigrants ‘ family (Iran and Calgary) 2013, Tehran university




   2 – Members of Scientific Associations

 1 – Member of the Iranian Cultural Studies and communication Association, 2012.

 2 - Member of Antropology Association since 2010.


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